Machining Duties

Machining Technicians are responsible for Machining our composite parts, using 3 and 5 axis CNC Machines. The Head of Machining works closely with his machining team in the busy workshop.

An overview of the Machining process:
The components are prepared for machining by trimming and sanding excess material from the components using hand tools.  Once components are prepared, the Technician will set up a machine with the correct tooling and fixtures as specified for that job. Technicians must also ensure that machines are programmed correctly before starting work on the component.  The machine will trim the component to its final dimensions as agreed with the customer. It will also machine any details such as holes, slots or pockets as required.  Our Technicians then inspect and record the measurements of the first machined component to ensure that it meets the dimensional criteria specified on the customer’s drawing.  Adjustments can be made to the programming and the component can be re-machined to bring the component into tolerance if required.  The rest of the batch of components are machined and periodically inspected.  The components are then passed onto the X-ray or polishing departments

To work in Machining we look for people who are:
• Able to programme, set and operate different machine tools
• Able to read and interpret technical drawings
• PC literate
• Flexible and a team player