What does Design for X include?

This stage brings huge benefit to all the carbon fibre components we manufacture. It covers the assessment of;

  • Laminate Definition,
  • Design for Composite,
  • the Gated PLM process,
  • Design for Rate,
  • Design for Quality and
  • Cost Optimisation.

Some of the key criteria in Design for Quality include capability studies, component control plans and robust verification and inspection strategies to ensure quality is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. 

Defining the clarity, aluminium equivalence and density gradient within the x-ray specs are a vital stage to determine the Laminate Definition required for any given component. We assess structural and weight bearing requirements and have a comprehensive checklist to consider within Design for Composite, because the driver is to get the absolute best out of the product for your needs. 

If products can be designed as multifunctional items we will consider if any metallic elements are required or if specialist materials would make the biggest positive impact for the end use. 

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