35 years delivering carbon fibre components for medical

Multi-Ply’s aim is to build long-standing relationships that allow a deep understanding of customer, product and user needs, with product development and manufacturing located in the UK. As we have been supplying carbon fibre components to the worlds’ leading medical x-ray machine manufacturers for over 35 years, we have developed a specific delivery process from our understanding of clients in this sector, that works for the best interests of maintaining quality and client satisfaction.  

The time required from your initial enquiry through to receiving the shipment at your premises, varies depending on; 

We inform all customers of the expected turnaround time for their carbon fibre components, which takes into consideration each step above. If your part is required urgently, be sure to mention this to us in your enquiry so we can advise if deadlines are too close to be met, or to map out a clear plan to ensure timely delivery from the beginning.