In this section you’ll find examples of our cost effective carbon fibre products.

Our product range covers 6 main categories, the majority of which are tailored for the medical sector. We produce mammography components, x-ray tables, digital x-ray components, x-ray accessories, envelopes and other components used in both medical and non-medical applications.

We manufacture all types of carbon fibre mammography covers including bucky, magnification and biopsy plates which are all finished to a high quality. All our patient facing carbon fibre products are finished to ensure maximum comfort for patient interaction. Other medical components include; digital detector covers, AEC detector envelopes, flat sheets and scanner tables.

Of course, different products carry different requirements and we take the time to understand each clients’ needs on specific components and provide a full service which you can read more about in our Design and Capability sections.

Use of other materials, such as Kevlar and Glass Fibre is limited and strictly controlled to avoid any cross contamination.