Laminating Duties

It is crucial that our components are free from artefacts; therefore our Laminating team work within a Cleanroom environment to impede cross contamination.

A brief overview of the Laminating process:
The process starts with material being cut to specification on our cutting machines.  Our Technicians construct many different composite components by hand layering carbon fibre material on and around a tool following specific lay up instructions.  The hand laminated components are then bagged and vacuumed, ready to be cured in the autoclave, before the cured components move onto the next stage of the manufacturing process. Technicians inspect their work, to ensure it meets quality standards.

To work in Laminating we look for people who are:
• Dexterous with high attention to detail
• Comfortable working in a manufacturing environment
• Confident using hand tools
• Able to follow instructions and process
• Committed to delivering quality
• Flexible and a team player