At Multi-Ply we follow our own carbon fibre quality control process.

With 35 years supplying carbon fibre to the medical sector, we understand that a high level of attention to detail and quality, is required in all components used in medical grade machinery. Even internal components must meet customer specification, to ensure their own machine manufacturing continues as planned. Delivery of quality components for every customer is front and centre for us, and is reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.


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As the majority of our production is for medical x-ray purposes, our quality control process is more robust than most. This is because we deliver a cleanliness for x-ray stage made possible by a suite of x-ray machines on site at our UK location.

During the production of all high or low volume carbon fibre orders, our people follow strict production processes.

These include;

  • ensuring the safe storage of our carbon fibre raw materials,
  • the application of the raw material to the specified tooling,
  • autoclaving processes,
  • finishing and polishing.

Our specific attention on quality control focuses on manufactured components and begins once they are cured and cooled.

To begin, the First Article Inspection and in-process checks are carried out using a Faro arm, digital height gauges and other digital calipers.

The Cleanliness for x-ray stage, sees components spot-checked using x-ray for levels of cleanliness and homogeneity. This is carried out using both digital and analogue x-ray equipment.

During Final Inspection we inspect cosmetic issues such as surface porosity, weave distortion, and other surface imperfections.

Our quality procedures aim to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria. Any components which are flagged during production, are either subjected to a unique correction process for removing artifacts developed by Multi-Ply, or scrapped. Only carbon fibre components which meet client specifications are shipped to the client.

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