The Multi-Ply team form specific departments and take responsibility for the 7 stages of the production lifecycle.

Each department has dedicated specialists to guide and support the team with their technical knowledge and industry experience. The people you’re most likely to engage with directly during the production of your design are;

Darren Dowdall
Managing Director
Darren Dowdall Multi-ply Components MD

Darren’s career has seen him lead facilities that span Europe (UK, Germany, Belgium and Sweden) and USA across the Healthcare, Aerospace & Chemical sectors for companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, GKN Aerospace, Kaman Aerospace, Lubrizol Ltd and Solvay.  Darren has a proven track record in Factory Turnarounds, Market Growth, Footprint optimisation and Manufacturing Excellence.

In addition to successfully leading and developing several different facilities, Darren was awarded a Chemistry Degree and achieved his MBA at the University of Leicester.

With an ethos of “Putting people first” and a passion for “Customer Excellence”, Darren has achieved numerous awards during his career covering Academic achievement, Customer Excellence, Best Factory and Culture Change which demonstrate Darren’s ambition to create the Perfect Factory!

‘As Multi-Ply Components Ltd Managing Director, I am extremely proud and privileged of our global status in the Health Care Sector. We are demonstrating excellence daily with our talented and dedicated employees, who are relentless in the quest of creating life changing results. We are passionate in our values, ensuring perfection in our products by looking through the customer and consumer’s lens resulting in life saving products and enhanced patient experience!

Our vision is to “Create a Better Future” by delivering our strategic Operational Excellence roadmap of investing in diversity, striving for market driven innovation and creating customer value through long standing and new partnerships.
We are raising the carbon fibre bar in the Medical Manufacturing Industry and invite you to join us on our journey…’

Darren Dowdall: LinkedIn


Peter Bourne
Founder & Business Development Director

Peter Bourne, Founder and BD

Peter started working with composites at BAE in 1980 on aircraft components.

After a 2-year project in Denmark where he was introduced to the advantages of carbon fibre in medical x-ray, he started Multi-Ply in 1987.

Multi-Ply steadily grew and became a leader in the supply of high-quality mammography and digital detector covers.

After Multi-Ply incorporated, Peter became the Managing Director and continued in this role until Peter Appleton joined in 2019. He then moved to the Technical Director position until Lucas Morgan joined in 2020. At this point he moved to a Business Development role to increase the range of Multi-Ply’s products for the expansion into the new building at the end of 2021.


Lucas Morgan
Technical Director

Lucas Morgan, Technical Director

Lucas has been working within the Composites Industry since 2005 in both applied research and production environments.

Lucas joined Multi-Ply as Technical Director in October 2020 to help facilitate the business’ continued technical and commercial growth with a focus on a process driven engineering approach and innovative manufacturing solutions.

Through his career Lucas has led multi-disciplinary engineering teams covering all aspects of composite manufacture, primarily within the Aerospace and Defence industries.  Prior to joining Multi-Ply Lucas worked as Technical Lead within the Composites Centre of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre leading a large portfolio of global collaborative research and development projects.

Two other key people you will likely have dealings with, are;

Sarah Kelsall
Emma Dunkerley
Office Manager

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