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May 11, 2021

Multi-Ply qualify as a Tier 1 carbon fibre supplier

Over the last two years Multi-Ply has been focussed on a key strategy to become a Tier 1 carbon fibre supplier for medical. To do this, they have increased the level of engineering protocols, ensured standard practices are embedded across the business, introduced elements of lean manufacturing and demonstrated this new level of capability to customers.

This investment has shown reward after Multi-Ply recently become qualified as a Tier 1 supplier to a major global Medical Equipment Manufacturer brand. To achieve this they had to demonstrate that excellent standards of process engineering procedures and practices are in place and consistently being followed, including;

Detailed Drawing Review, (DDR)
Process Failure Mode Effect and Analysis, (PFMEA)
Process Quality Plan, (PQP)
Process Capability Study, (Gage R&R)
Detailed First Article Inspection data (FAI)

The focus and hard work of the teams at Multi-Ply has led to a multi-year supply contract being agreed. The customer has since approached Multi-Ply to jointly discuss other future projects utilising Carbon Composite components.

The enhancement of Multi-Ply’s capabilities along with continuous investment in their plant and equipment, ensures they maintain their competitive advantage and sustain their brand reputation as the World’s Leading producer of carbon fibre components for medical and x-ray imaging applications.

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The PFMEA on the meeting table at Multi-Ply

The team with the PFMEA.